How to measure artwork

If you're trying to buy a frame for your photos or artwork then measuring it correctly is important. 

We recommend measuring in 'mm' as this is the most accurate and safest option. 

Start by measuring the total width and height of your artwork. 

Sometimes it's possible to buy a standard size frame from our range and your photo will go straight in as is. The other option is to put a mount around the artwork and fit into a standard size frame. However your artwork will need to be a standard size to fit. You can see the available sizes from our Standard Size with Mounts section.

If your artwork is an odd size or you want more flexibility then we can make you a made to measure frame. You have a wider choice of frames and mounts to make the perfect frame you want. 

All you need to do is give us your artwork size and we'll work out the best way to frame it based on your frame and mount choices.