Recent Price Increase

We've recently updated all of our prices to reflect a global pricing increase in supplies. Over the last several months there has been a trend where our suppliers have been increasing raw materials costs. Shipping costs, raw materials and supply chain shortages have meant an increase. Glass, frame moulding, and packaging has all increased, including courier shipping due to fuel surcharges. Unfortunately we've had to put our prices up to reflect this.  We've tried to do this in a fair way by finding the average increase in all our suppliers, this amounts to around 5%. To keep pricing simple we increase by 5% then round to the nearest 50p.  In most cases this is less than £2 on each product. This has been changed across our website and amazon store, although we alway ensure buying direct from us is the cheapest and best option.  We constantly review suppliers, costs and options to ensure we're providing the best products for the fairest price. We don't believe in buying the cheapest lowest quality and pride ourselves in ensuring our product is a high quality UK made item.  We want to be open an honest with our customers when we increase prices. We're not increasing prices to simply make more profit but to reflect the global economy at the moment. We hope to see our costs drop and when we do we will ensure we review our prices again.  We thank all our customers for understanding and look forward to fulfilling your orders in the future!  Thanks Skelf Frames